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Welcome to our help page where you can find information on various things we feel need more explanation.
How do I go about booking a boat with you?
For a full explanation on how to book a boat with us from your initial enquiry to your return home after your day or evening with us please visit our Boat hire page.
I'm struggling trying to get to grips with the booking system!!

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On our Availability and reservations page you will first of all see a weather widget but if you scroll down you will come to the daily booking calendar then further down still our evening booking calendar.

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Select the month and the year for which you are interested in, current month will currently be shown, then select the boat that you require or is available by clicking on the written name.  or, to find out more about each boat, click on the pictures to go to our boat gallery pages.

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Click on the date you require which will open up a form to complete to send us your details but please allow your popup blocker to accept popups from our site.

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Click on the drop down box, there will only be the option to select the date as selected

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Complete your details as requested and don't forget to complete the enquiry box to ask us anything that you may wish to know or confirm and finally click on the "Send complete entry" button.

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Once we receive your reservation we will contact you by phone to confirm your booking.  You will notice that once you have made your submission, the system will automatically set you required date and boat to "N" or Not available, this is because the reservation is yours and not a coincidence that someone else has booked the same.
I've received my booking confirmation by email but can't print it off!!
If we have sent your booking confirmation by email and you can't print it off,or have lost your copy in the post, you will at the very least be knowledgeable of its contents.

The reason we ask you to bring it with you on the day or evening of hire is to confirm we all are happy with the details enclosed, i.e. maximum of 10 people, balance due and security deposit.

If there are any disagreements between us without your booking confirmation, our decisions are final until you can prove otherwise when you get home.

If you need a copy sending in the post then please call Lucien on 01257 480 825.
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