Food from The Boatyard Bus Cafe

In association with The Boatyard Bus Cafe, we are now offering takeaway buffet lunches which are prepared fresh to order for anyone who would like a packed lunch for their trip on one of our boats or for their walk, cycle ride or any day out.
With the current Covid-19 outbreak, The Boatyard Bus Café is currently closed for service until further notice but we are permitted to offer takeaway meals.  This being the case we currently do not have a full range of supplies so the current menu is very restricted as we are purchasing as we go when we get orders from customers to keep everything fresh.
The meal will be served wrapped in greaseproof paper within an individual paper bag including your drink and a prepacked tableware set (Two plates, knife, fork, spoon and two serviettes)
Please give us at least 48 hours to prepare your order and order each meal separately.

Individual meal order form (Complete for each meal required)
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